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Architecture is the art of building. It is more than the drawing of a few lines on paper, which form plans and elevations for builders to copy. It is a whole design process. Every line on the piece of paper you receive as your final drawing, is thoroughly thought through, considered, pondered on and decided on as the best option in that specific situation.

The reason: to make your living or working spaces as pleasant as possible to be in – light, warm, friendly, form, shape, size, spacious or cozy! It is my pride and passion – my piece of art and my satisfaction to make your dream become a reality of physical bricks and mortar, walls and roofs, spaces for being. Therefore it does take time to put every line physically there on paper – like the brush strokes of the artist, thought through and well planned.

Santie Willers
B Arch Stud(UFS); B Arch(UFS); Pr Arch; MIArch reg no: 7622


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